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About Sustainability Week 2020

Green Economy drives sustainable growth in SA and Africa!

The 10th annual Sustainability Week scheduled for 05 - 07 May 2020, and incorporating the 3rd Sustainable Cities Southern Africa Conference, will facilitate a southern African multi-sector dialogue that has never been more important and timeous in light of the dire effects of climate change, widespread environmental and human health challenges, and the desperate need for employment and economic development.

Recognising the powerful potential of economic stimulus through green economy action, Sustainability Week seeks to bring together key national and local government and private sector leaders to extract and/or endorse a detailed set of actions, across sub-sectors, which can be implemented immediately to advance the sustainable development of our cities, economies and communities.


  • Sustainable Cities Southern Africa Conference - Sustainable Cities Southern Africa invites regional leaders to engage on this critical topic and introduces potential solutions and solution providers, providing a channel for deal making and action. 
  • Vision Zero Waste Seminar - The rising real and actual cost of landfilling and the limitation of landfill space is driving home the reality that waste management based on a disposal orientated linear paradigm will simply not be feasible nor acceptable in the future. 
  • Sustainable Water Resource Seminar - Water related risk includes direct physical risks droughts and floods, threats to storage and supply infrastructure. Socialrisks include water access and allocations and for business, production is at risk.
  • Sustainable Energy Seminar - Africa needs extended electrification as a foundation for  development, but this requires capital, and funds have been committed through the Paris Agreement for investment in low carbon growth.
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Seminar - Agri stakeholders will gather at this seminal Seminar to share knowledge and experience and seek consensus on a key set of actions that can be implemented immediately to advance sustainability and food security.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure for Smart Cities Seminar - Infrastructure either enables or frustrates development, so  making the right long term infrastructure investment decisions is crucial.
  • Sustainable Transport and Mobility  Seminar - It starts with proactive well planned, modally intelligent  transport infrastructure, and extends to safe, reliable, and integrated public transport
  • Sustainability in Mining Seminar - Sustainability practices in mining are increasingly being incorporated into value chain approaches to risk management.
  • Youth & the Green Economy - Young people are perfectly positioned to become involved through related careers and entrepreneurship.
  • Enabling a Sustainable Fourth Industrial Revolution - “The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) offers huge potential to transform and realign our economies and societies. There is an increasing realisation that the 4IR could also exacerbate problems for people and the planet”


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