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Green Economy drives sustainable growth in SA and Africa!

  • Sustainable Cities Southern Africa Conference - Sustainable Cities Southern Africa invites regional leaders to engage on this critical topic and introduces potential solutions and solution providers, providing a channel for deal making and action. 
  • Vision Zero Waste Seminar - The rising real and actual cost of landfilling and the limitation of landfill space is driving home the reality that waste management based on a disposal orientated linear paradigm will simply not be feasible nor acceptable in the future. 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Seminar - Investing in approaches and technologies that create efficiencies, reduce costs, and advance competitiveness, is a primary business strategy for anufacturers.
  • Sustainable Water Resource Seminar - Water related risk includes direct physical risks droughts and floods, threats to storage and supply infrastructure. Socialrisks include water access and allocations and for business, production is at risk.
  • Sustainable Energy Seminar - Africa needs extended electrification as a foundation for  development, but this requires capital, and funds have been committed through the Paris Agreement for investment in low carbon growth.
  • Sustainable Agriculture  and Food Security Seminar - Agri stakeholders will gather at this seminal Seminar to share knowledge and experience and seek consensus on a key set of actions that can be implemented immediately to advance sustainability and food security.
  • Green Building Conference - Designing, constructing, and operating climate smart buildings is a cornerstone of smart sustainable cities.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure  for Smart Cities Seminar - Infrastructure either enables or frustrates development, so  making the right long term infrastructure investment decisions is crucial.
  • Sustainable Transport and Mobility  Seminar - It starts with proactive well planned, modally intelligent  transport infrastructure, and extends to safe, reliable, and integrated public transport
  • Sustainability in Mining Seminar - Sustainability practices in mining are increasingly being incorporated into value chain approaches to risk management.
  • Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Dialogue - More than any other sector, businesses in the Tourism sector can benefit from operational efficiencies affected by green demand.
  • Youth & the Green Economy - Young people are perfectly positioned to become involved through related careers and entrepreneurship.


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