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Boosting Sustainable Brands 

Brand SA joins Sustainability Week 2018


Sustainability has come a long way. Once merely a compliance requirement, sustainability has become a business imperative that delivers a competitive edge by growing brand trust.

Brand SA is in charge of growing South Africa’s brand trust around the world. By joining forces with Sustainability Week 2018, Brand SA can project a sustainable image founded on hard-won experience and expertise.

 […] explains further, “Taking care of present needs without spoiling the planet for future generations – that’s what sustainable development is all about. As critical resources like water become scarcer, resource efficiency becomes a matter of life and death. Already, the South African tourism sector has taken a hit from the Cape Town water crisis; in just over a year, citizens, business and government have been forced to transform from squanderers to water savers. It’s a steep learning curve and one that nobody is comfortable with, but equally it is one that nobody can afford to ignore.” 

There is a big upside to all this.

 “A country that succeeds in making the transition to a sustainable economy – an economy that operates from a basis of sustainable resource use, like an aquifer that is recharged to replenish the water supply – is going to have a tremendous brand in the world we’re moving into. Think of it. As the world advances into the realm of scarcity, countries that tackle these problems now, will be perceived as islands of security amidst the chaos. Cities that can dependably supply basic services in collaboration with more empowered and self-reliant residents will be the places of choice to live, work, and do business,” concludes […]

That much is obvious.

Hosted by the City of Tshwane, South Africa’s leading city in green building, Sustainability Week 2018 is the country’s biggest sustainability showcase, with a host of seminars devoted to the nuts and bolts of water, energy, transport, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, and other key sustainability influencers.

More than that: Sustainability Week 2018 is host to Africa’s premier climate resilience attraction. The African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF) brings mayors from capital cities across Africa to meet and discuss common issues relating to climate change and sustainable development. Cities are at the coal face of climate change; at ACCSF, you hear the news from the horse’s mouth.

With Brand SA’s participation, the images and values represented by Sustainability Week 2018 will be projected across the world – with great benefits to the brand reputation of every country, city and business associated with the event.

This is a good news story in the making.