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With global energy demands on the increase, coupled with the depletion of our natural resources and the negative impact of fossil-based energy sources on the environment, the issues of clean, sustainable energy and the importance thereof in economic development and global wellbeing have become a pressing reality world-wide. Energy innovation and the efficient use of energy are two key components of mitigating these challenges. It is for this reason the South African Government established SANEDI.
Two key building blocks of sustainable energy solutions and a low carbon economy, relate to energy innovation and energy conservation, which also describe the essence of SANEDI’s composition and focus. SANEDI has a critical role to play in ensuring that South Africa will have the necessary information and planning support to plan for a sustainable and secure energy future that will also satisfy the country’s economic, social and environmental needs.

SANEDI comprises 2 Portfolios: Energy Efficiency and Advanced Research and Development, (R&D)
SANEDI Portfolios currently include the following Programmes:
• Programme 1: Advanced Fossil Fuels
• Programme 2: Clean Energy Solutions
• Programme 3: Energy Efficiency
• Programme 4: Cleaner Mobility
• Programme 5: Smart Grids and Energy Data and Knowledge Management
• Programme 6: Working for Energy Programme