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Tshiamo Dichabe is a young dynamic professional with expertise in business strategy conceptualization, policy development and programme management. He holds a B.Com degree from the University of Pretoria and he is currently enrolled at the University of South Africa (UNISA) to complete a B.Com (Honours) degree. He received further Entrepreneurship Development training at Lincoln University (Missouri - USA) through the Mandela Washington FellowshipProgramme.

Doctoral researcher: University of South Africa
Emmanuel Ekosse 
Emmanuel Ekosse is a doctoral researcher at the University of South Africa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (UNISA SBL). His current research examines the nexus of enterprise and sustainability; with particular interest in how transitions to sustainability can be initiated and accelerated in emerging markets. He has a distinct vision for the sustainable future of emerging market enterprises. A pragmatic researcher; Emmanuel is keen on data collection and qualitative analytics.

Chris Wild 
Food & Trees for Africa
Chris Wild is the Executive Director of Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA). With a background in Economics he was a research analyst within consumer finance and retail banking before finding more meaning in social development, the environment, and food security. His first FTFA project was in 2008 and within a few years he was their official partner in the Eastern Cape. He was appointed Executive Director in 2014. His interests include environmental rehabilitation, nature, biodiversity, snakes, and chess. 

Dr Maine 
Head of Agriculture and Rural Development
Ntsikane Maine holds a PhD in Agricultural Management from the University of the Free State. Her research focused on the economics of precision agriculture, one of the leading-edge technologies in agriculture that improves the efficiency of input use and production activities. She has contributed to published scientific and non-scientific articles, as well as a chapter in a handbook on precision agriculture. Dr Maine’s sub-academic disciplines include financial management in agriculture, farm management, strategic management, precision agriculture, food security and sustainable livelihoods. 

Dr Munyaradzi Chitakira
Environment and Society and Environmental Policy and Planning
Dr Munyaradzi Chitakira holds a PhD degree in Environment and Society and a Mastersdegree in Environmental Policy and Planning. Dr Chitakira’s research area broadly entailsenvironmental management with a special interestin integrated production and conservation landscape management, climate smart agriculture, sustainable livelihoods, gender and the environment, as well as environmental policy issues. 

Big Inja Technologies
Ryan has run a tech business called Big Inja Technologies for 15 years with more recent focus on driving low tech solutions and innovation into the Agriculture and food production space. Ryan has a passion for Regenerative Agriculture and it's ability to reverse the negative climate change effects of industrial food production. Decentralising farming in order to lower the barriers and make soil building based intensive livestock farming more inclusive has become Ryan's mission in life.

Nehru Pillay
Nehru is currently the General Manager for Research and Intelligence at Land Bank, where his portfolio covers macroeconomic analysis, environmental and social sustainability as well as general agriculture sector research.
He has amassed vast experience in the fields of macroeconomics having worked and held various roles for both international and local organisations including, the International Monetary Fund, 

Brian Mpono
In 2009/10 Brian became first young black South African to venture into biofuel, starting his own biodiesel refinery company ‘Khwezi Oils’; its operations closed due to no policies around biofuel refineries. With his knack for ‘infrastructure development’, 2016 started at Edison Property Group as Project Director, Oceans Umhlanga Hotel. Flanked by 25 years of banking experience, 40 years entrepreneurial savvy business acumen, 20 years of engineering experience; this media communications & business strategist began the journey of his most highlighted milestones of his
professional career. 

Garth Barnes
Coupled with 22 years’ experience in the advertising, marketing and environmental sectors, Garth also holds qualifications in marketing management, environmental management and a Master’s degree in Environmental Education exploring the relationship between water stewardship, values and social learning. He is now a Deputy Director in the Department of Environmental Affairs working with advocacy for Natural Resources Management.