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Vice President and Head of Market Area Africa
Michael Gotsche
Dr Gotsche has more than 20 years’ experience in business management within different fields related to the chemical industry, involving various markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa. His previous roles have included primary research, technical, sales and marketing, as well as a strong focus on market development in emerging markets. Since the beginning of 2016, he heads up BASF’s operations in Africa and is the leader of an executive team responsible for four Country Clusters incorporating 52 countries on the continent. His core competencies include business strategy, customer centricity and excellent interpersonal, communication and team leadership skills. He has a proven ability to thrive in diverse and multi-cultural business environments and drive growth within the organization. Dr Gotsche is based at the company’s Africa headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. 

DR Jaisheila Rajput
Jaisheila is the founder and CEO of TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now, value chain specialists leading the green economy in Cape Town, South Africa. Their client base is spread across Africa, Asia and Europe, focussing on global collaboration and input towards a sustainable future for all. Jaisheila is passionate about empowering others to develop economic models for sustainability and inspiring change in the way we do business. She is a fervent believer in building practical and comprehensive solutions that unlock green business value with long-term benefit and impact. Jaisheila obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town. From the beginning, she has leveraged her
research and innovation capabilities to develop practical, industry relevant solutions.

Victor Manavhela joined the NCPC-SA as Regional Manager in 2013. Before joining the NCPC-SA, he served as Deputy Director: Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment at the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Victor holds a Masters Degree inEnvironmental Management from the University of the Free State. In addition he also holds Bachelor of Environmental Sciences degree. He has vast experience in the field of sustainability including green economy. The Centre (NCPC-SA) offers multi-discipline interventions to the industry ranging from Industrial Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Material and waste Management. He is also spearheading NCPC-SA initiatives such as Industrial Symbiosis Program and Eco-Industrial Parks playing an important role in stakeholder
engagement in Centre.

Eric Leon Son 
Eric is currently the Group Head of Sustainability for Distell. Distell is Africa's leading producer and marketer of spirits,
fine wines, ciders and ready-to-drinks (RTDs). Eric is an Industrial Engineer (WITS Uni.) by training.. He is fluent in French and Mandarin, and also holds a post graduate degree in Advanced Marketing. His 25 years professional career includes senior positions and value delivery in supply chain, procurement, trade facilitation, strategic partnerships, sustainability Integration and business transformation programmes in emerging markets, mainly within Africa and China.