Day 3 (26 June 2019)
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Facilitator: Barry Bredenkamp, SANEDI

The new Integrated Resource Plan that South Africa released places emphasis on wind, gas and solar power as alternatives to coal, and as a means to advance the country’s goal of achieving sustainable electricity sources by
2030. Weighing heavily against wind and solar power is the dependence on weather conditions for optimal energy production. If more efficient storage solutions can be implemented, however, the energy generated can be stored
and released when necessary. This plan will greatly progress the sustainability agenda and reduce the need for coal.  .

09h00 – 11h00 Session 1  Sustainability and Role of Digitalization in Energy Management

Welcome Address: Cllr Abel Tau, MMC: Utility Services, City of Tshwane

Facilitator: Barry Bredenkamp 

The Panel:

- Nhlanhla Ngidi, Head of Electricity and Energy, South African Local Government Association (Salga)
Benefits and barriers of implementing renewable energy in the City

- Melusile Ndlovu, Capacity Building Specialist, USAID/ SA-LED Programme, Chemonics International
Navigating the regulatory processes to deliver a municipal small-scale project.

• Municipalities always find the regulatory environment very restrictive for small-scale municipal projects
• Need to attract private finance. 
• Evidence based project development (data requirements on water flows & pressures)  
• First of its kind/scale municipal hydropower project. 

- Corrie van der Wath, CEO, Matleng Energy Solutions

The future of energy:

• The current energy distribution
• Different energy sources for the future
• Renewable energy  
• Storage 
• Internet of things / energy 

- Sheldon Bode, Energy Drive  Consultant, EnMS expert 

- Hendrik de Villiers, Engineering Manager, Hulamin 
Stop and think Digital. It saves your resources and supports your sustainability

- Sashay Ramdharee, Project Manager, NCPC-SA
Digitalization and 4IR – views and case studies based on the experience of the IEE Project

Audience participation Q & A

11h30 – 13h00 Session 2  South Africa’s Cogeneration Tipping Point and Shift to Solar Thermal


- Barry Bredenkamp -  Facilitator
Intro to session & theme
Input linked to policy environment as it affects the theme

- Mokale Rasetlola, Director: Technical Support & Technology Management, City of Tshwane
Benefits and barriers of implementing renewable energy in the City

- Dr Peter Klein, Senior Researcher: Energy Supply, CSIR Energy Centre 
Getting solar thermal into industrial processes; opportunities for waste heat recovery

- Moses Motaung, CEO, Madikela Engineering Solutions and Chairman of the Esco Association
Will address topic of cogeneration generally, based on his experience

- Dr Ulrich Averech, Integrated Expert: Energy Efficiency, SANEDI

Audience participation Q & A