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Day 2 ( 25 June 2019)
Time: 14:00 - 16:30
Programme Director: TBC

Driving a Sustainable and Just Energy Transition in the African Mobility Sector

14h00 -  14h10 Opening and Welcome

Conrad Kassier (UNIDO)

Session 1: Macroeconomic Impacts of Electro Mobility Adoption for Developing Nations

There is a rapid diversion of energy for mobility towards electric vehicles (EVs). The transition to electro-mobility  has been underway for some years and South Africa needs to plan and implement policies to manage the negative transition impacts and find ways to capatilise on the positive impacts of embracing more efficient energy solutions and technologies available to achieve sustainable mobility to meet national goals.

14h10 -  14h30 Case Study:  Exploring the policy impacts of a transition to electric mobility in South Africa Anthony - Dane (Change Pathways)

14h30 - 15h30 Panel:  What policies are required to enable a conducive e-mobility environment in South Africa? Do we have enough support to develop and guide policy for this sector? What changes need to be made to the existing regulatory framework to support EV industry governance? With so many emerging players in the industry, how do we achieve standardization to improve the efficiency in sustainable transport industries? Are we promoting rapid developments to facilitate adoption? How can we improve? How do we ensure social justice through the electrification of mobility?


- Bopang Khutsoane (DoT), 
- Orika Orrie (Eskom),
- Tebogo Snyer (SANEDI),
- Merina Willemse (GTAC),
- Andre Van Niekerk (CoJ)
- Mike Krynauw (CoT)

Session 2: The Smart Mobility Ecosystem- Transport for smart cities

The EV industry is diverse and is organized into an ecosystem offering numerous opportunities of exploration for  international and local industry players. While issues such as job security remain a concern, it is evident that embracing new technologies opens new industries and socio-economic benefits. 

15h30h - 15h50 - Presentation:  Electro-mobility Infrastructure ecosystem, electric vehicle applications and interfacing with the grid - Hiten Parmar (uYilo)

15h50 - 16h50 - Panel: Integration has been a challenge in traditional transport systems, do we  experience similar challenges in EV infrastructure deployment? Are grid pressures a fact or myth? What are the existing barriers to efficient operations for local EV usinesses? Do EVs and smart grids present an opportunity for SA? What parts of the EV ecosystem can we localise for economic growth? 

Panelists: Khanyiselo Khumalo (GreenCape), Dr Nalini Pillay (Eskom),  Balla Masemola (Affordable Solar), Benson Manu (Stellenbosch University), Fezile Dhlamini (SA Green Scooter)

Ashanti Mogosetsi (UNIDO)