African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum

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African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum


Building on the achievements of the 2015 and 2016 installments of the ACCSF, this seminar focuses on key aspects of sustainable urban development. The emphasis is on finding a balance between economic growth, infrastructure development and the promotion of small business as well as job creation, while lowering emissions and reducing environmental impact.

Session One: Transforming African cities by developing circular economies

  • Where are African cities successfully embracing the circular economy and which resources must still be captured?
  • What is the role of business in developing circular cities?
  • What incentives are there for urban dwellers to embrace the circular economy?

Panel discussion:

How can government, business and citizens achieve consensus on sustainable development pathways?

Session Two: Africa’s biggest sustainability challenge: the water-energy-food nexus

  • Complications in the food system and the risks entailed
  • Complications in the water system and the implications for food and energy
  • Complications in the energy system the implications for food and water

Panel discussion:

Gauteng province cannot function as an economic hub without water. How can transformation targets be made to align with sustainable water management principles?

 Session Three: Implementing sustainability

  • Waste resource management: designing for waste minimization and beneficiation
  • Inclusive urban development: planning to reduce slums and urban sprawl
  • Climate finance: available funding and how to access it

Mayor’s panel discussion:

How best can African cities share insights and best practices to achieve sustainability leadership across the continent?

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Reserve your seat for 13th June