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Agriculture and Food Security


Food security and agriculture are two sides of the same coin. Without sustainable agriculture, food prices rocket, fueling food insecurity. But what does sustainable development in agriculture really mean in a drought-stricken era?

Session 1: Is agriculture as we know it in irreversible decline?

  • Agriculture in crisis: Towards a truly sustainable agricultural survival strategy: helping government achieve its targets on an economically viable basis.
  • State subsidies are required to sustain agriculture and prevent the decline of small towns (Prof Willemse, UFS)
  • Creating agricultural entrepreneurs: strategically involving commercial farmers in the total food chain process, from the start until delivery of the final product to the consumer, to ensure sustainable production of essential and specific crops.

Panel discussion question: Will farming die out? How to make agriculture attractive to young people again.

Session 2:Food security by other means

  • Scalable and low-cost solutions for subsistence farmers: African farmers’ dependence on rain-fed agriculture means ‘quick wins’ for a targeted focus on solutions to manage green water.
  • The role of healthy soil in sustainable agriculture (ARC)
  • Grounded: Urban farming as means to promote social stability and create livelihoods (Abalimi)

Panel discussion question: The role of the state in creating infrastructure beyond the farm.

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