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Wendy Green, CEO, Fusion Energy

Wendy has had a long history in the energy industry in South Africa. Besides leading many projects through the REIPPP programme (including wind, Solar PV and biomass) she has led business development and growth strategies throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

With her entrepreneurial spirit supported by many years of energy, business development and management consulting experience, Wendy was part of the team which established Cennergi, where two of the projects she led are now generating wind power in the Eastern Cape.

In 2014, Wendy co-founded Fusion. Fusion has built a strong portfolio of businesses and projects including biomass, commercial rooftop solar PV and a series of hydro projects along the Fish River in the Eastern Cape.

Wendy has played a role as CEO and Director on various renewable energy project companies as well as chairperson on community trusts and is passionate about sustainability and making a difference through the projects she develops and invest in.