Responsible Tourism Dialogue

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Responsible Tourism Dialogue


Sustainable tourism is not just about being green – it’s about ensuring a long term future for African tourism based on partnership and community benefit. Unifying as an industry so that we can reap the rewards in years to come rather than decimate our natural resources and habitats for short term gain.

Session 1: African tourism

  • Wellness in the wilderness: how Africa can benefit from the fact that wellness tourism is growing at 74% more than other forms of global travel.
  • Developing tourism sustainably: Travellers are demanding sustainable and reduced footprint holidays, with increasing importance placed on ensuring the benefits of tourism are directly and indirectly shared with the local economy.
  • How South Africa is leading the pack in sustainable tourism: insights and best practices

Panel discussion question:

What is the real social dividend of responsible tourism?

Session 2: Connecting the dots: creating a platform for African tourism to flourish

  • Connecting African tourism offerings: the benefits of reducing barriers to travel between countries
  • Putting African tourism on a sound footing: protecting natural and cultural resources, fixing the air transport system, improving the quality of roads and ports, and addressing electricity issues as they apply to each country.
  • Are South Africa’s parks performing as well as they should?

Panel discussion question:

How can the idea of conservation be spread beyond fenced-off parks and be accepted by the population at large?

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Reserve your seat for 15th June