African Capital Cities

City of Tshwane

Sustainable cities are safe, efficient, clean and people friendly. In Africa, they are still developing, and doing so at a rapid pace. The ethos is one of ensuring that this rapid development takes place within the context of a strategy and a plan. Sustainably-run cities attract strategic investment and talent, which in turn drive economic progress in a virtuous circle of positive outcomes in the future. Becoming a more sustainable city is about appropriate policy frameworks that flow through all service delivery departments and result in practical approaches and projects that materialise within a context of known and managed risks and make a city more liveable, and more conducive to business.
And it all starts with responsible leadership. Responsible leadership is the cornerstone of the conversation in the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum. Since capital cities are positioned to lead cities and municipalities in their country, the Executive Mayor of Tshwane invites the mayors of all African capital cities to the forum to:

  • continue to develop the network,
  • learn from each other,
  • collectively advance the principles of responsible leadership.

The ultimate aim is to run better cities for citizens now and inthe future.



Venue info

Address: CSIR International Convention Centre
Meiring Naude Road
Brummeria, Pretoria

Contact: 012 841 3884