Sustainability in Mining Seminar

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Sustainability in Mining Seminar

Mined materials support roughly 45% of the world’s economic activities – yet large-scale mining scars the environment and harms communities. Disputes among mining companies and local communities and governments have caused billions in costs due to projects being delayed or suspended worldwide. Is there a way to turn this around?

Session 1:

  • Sustainability equals survival: mining business has to look after the environment and its workers better
  • Unsustainable costs: tackling the poor planning, inefficient operations and rising water and energy prices that have escalated the cost of doing business
  • Legacies worth leaving: winning support by changing the historical narrative of human rights and labour abuse

Panel discussion question:

The demand for mined materials has contributed to instability and conflict across the African continent. What responsibility do mining corporations hold in containing and preventing these outbreaks?

  • Accessing money for growth: institutional investors increasingly view sustainability as a key investment decision metric
  • Doing good, for real: designing mining projects to benefit indigenous communities
  • Investing in innovation: technology for more efficient planning and operations

Panel discussion question:

How can mining reduce inputs and outputs to become more environmentally sustainable?

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Reserve your seat for 14th June