Sustainable Energy Seminar

A two day event on the 14th and 15th of June 2016

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Sustainable Energy Seminar 14th June – Programme

Africa is the world’s most promising renewable energy investment destination. We look at success stories to date and investigate how to take things further.


Renewing African energy: The rise and rise of clean energy solutions

The rise and rise of clean energy solutions

Energy efficiency:

Achieving sustainability by working smarter

The rise of renewable energy in Africa:

The top IPP success stories from across the continent and how they are contributing to sustainable development.

Industrial energy efficiency in industry:

Investing in options that make financial sense.

From greenfield to green energy:

An investigation into the specific challenges that African conditions pose to IPP start-up projects and how they are being successfully overcome.

Best practices in energy efficiency in the residential sector:

Focusing on end uses to deliver services that meet basic human needs, but in a cleaner and more efficient manner.

Renewable investments:

An overview of the top-performing sustainable energy investment vehicles across Africa.

Designing more efficient commercial buildings:

The latest advances in achieving optimal energy efficiency improvements.

Panel discussion question:

Can South Africa’s prestigious REIPPP programme be exported to other countries in Africa?

Panel discussion question:

Are government policies successfully creating the conditions to encourage energy efficiency across the economy?

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Sustainable Energy Seminar 15th June – Programme

Energy comes at an environmental cost – the question is what solutions to embrace without compromising on efficiency. Fortunately technology has advanced to the point that renewables are attracting significant investment funding.


Energy solutions to mitigate climate change

Urban energy

 Cutting down on coal:

A road-map for Southern African industry to wean itself off fossil fuel.

What Green Bonds can tell us:

A report on the financial and environmental benefits of the City of Johannesburg’s pioneering sustainable investment initiative.

Cutting-edge micro-grid opportunities Financing the transition to a new infrastructure paradigm in fast-growing secondary cities in South Africa: A case study of the Saldanha Bay Municipality.
 The Drakenstein municipality waste-to-energy project:

A blueprint for future waste-to-energy projects in Southern Africa

Powering the future:

The commercial opportunities presented by hybrid generation in a post-Eskom paradigm.

 Panel discussion question:

Are Africa’s energy programmes sufficiently cognisant of climate change?

Panel discussion question:

What kinds of urban mitigation actions have the greatest potential for reducing emissions?

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