Sustainable Water Seminar

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Sustainable Water Seminar


Water constitutes the event horizon of sustainable development. It is the basis of all life and the foundation of the economy, yet it remains an exploited and under-valued resource. It is time to accept that the future will be water-poor. Assumptions have to change; strategies have to be adapted.

Session 1: Facing up to the reality of a water-poor world

  • How the drought has changed the economy: preparing for a radically different future
  • Beyond crisis management: long-term sustainable water use strategies for drought-stricken cities
  • Hard scientific facts versus wishful thinking: How clean is our water really? (Anthony Turton)

Panel discussion question:

Is urban life as we know it sustainable?

Session 2: Cleaning up our act

  • Clean water and hygiene for Africa: a critical health issue and a massive socio-economic development opportunity in and of itself.
  • A question of priorities: water conservation must be prioritized over commercial interests that pollute water for financial gain.
  • Improving municipal management and governance to address water pollution: solutions and opportunities.

Panel discussion question:

Are important commercial and state interests paying anything more than lip service to the right to clean water?

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