Transport and Mobility Seminar

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Transport and Mobility Seminar


Transportation accounts for around one-seventh of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And globally, greenhouse gas emissions are rising faster in transportation than in any other sector, with rapid motorization — more cars and trucks — being the principal cause.

Session 1:  Transport brings disruption – how will Africa respond?

  • Sustainable transport strategies to combat air pollution in Africa: “For Africa as a whole, the estimated economic cost of premature air pollution deaths in 2013 was roughly $215bn (£175bn) a year for outdoor air pollution, and $232bn for household, or indoor, air pollution.”
  • Sustainable, efficient assets: The next 25 years will see greater demand for sustainable solutions and more efficient use of transportation assets.
  • Integrated personal mobility: Current mobility services will coalesce into full-scale mobility providers, who will focus on enabling seamless, on-demand journeys by integrating all modes of transport.

Panel discussion question:

How can institutional stakeholders align to optimize mobility?

Session 2: Climate-resilient transport solutions for urban and national infrastructure

  • Urbanization and smarter cities: Coordination with mobility providers, real-time data monitoring, and responsive smart grid systems to ensure best use of public transport and minimize congestion.
  • Material world: Long-lasting, climate-resilient and more environmentally-aware construction materials have a main role in the construction of new corridors and hubs, together with cost-efficient and fast design methods.
  • Achieving adaptation through management system concepts: Leveraging environmental management systems (EMSs), risk-based assessment, and tools such as GIS and asset management systems to manage broader concerns of climate change, sustainability, and adaptation

Panel discussion question:

What is the way forward for African transport networks?

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