Vision Zero Waste Seminar

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Vision Zero Waste


Waste represents opportunity. By embracing a zero-waste vision, companies can not only eliminate waste from their value chains but even profit from monetizing waste streams.

The list of waste types is limited only by the number of industries that generate waste. Zero-waste can be embraced by every sector, which implies unlimited opportunities if only intelligent solutions can be applied. Higher environmental standards especially can create a wealth of new opportunities for waste and recycling companies to thrive.

A 2012 World Bank study found that South Africa is the world’s 15th largest generator of waste. According to the latest National Waste Information Baseline Study (2011), South Africa generated 108 million tons of waste (resource value: R25.2 billion) but recycled only 10%. However, the economic value of additional recycling or recovery potentially amounts to R36 billion a year.

Session 1: Waste strategies

  • Reassessing waste management and the circular economy
  • Managing the waste stream: Developing the most appropriate mix of infrastructure and services
  • Focus on wastewater, environmental and process engineering

Panel discussion question:

What are the most suitable waste management practices for developing African economies?

Session 2: Practical application of zero waste principles

  • Waste prevention through education and awareness
  • Integrating different waste management streams: aligning initiatives, legislation and administrative systems
  • Cleaning up the City: rolling out Materials Recovery Facilities

Panel discussion question:

What are the major challenges faced by African metros in getting zero waste off the ground?

Reserve your seat for 15th June