Youth and the Green Economy

Sustainability holds the key to global market leadership in all economic sectors. This implies burgeoning career prospects for graduates with the right qualifications to seek out greener pastures in employment. At the same time, savvy industries know they have to nd the right talent.
Water is critical. Some 50 percent of all jobs in the water industry are green, including water supply and irrigation, scarcity planning and management, testing and research, and more.

Solar creates jobs at a much higher rate than the economy overall. In the US, installers added the most solar workers over the past year.
Manufacturing has a bright future worldwide – electric vehicles, green chemical products and lighting segments, among others, are all manufacturing intensive. As such products become more affordable to the consumer, the green manufacturing sector is set to climb.

Construction – although green jobs currently represent a modest proportion of jobs in the construction sector, as sustainability becomes increasingly important in new building construction, green job numbers can only go up. Transportation is a key sector for innovation, which means more and different kinds of jobs are opening up. From hybrid-electric buses to car-sharing services, to expanding rail lines, growth opportunities in the sector are wide open. Environmental engineering applies knowledge of biology and chemistry to tackle real-world challenges like pollution, recycling and urban planning. According to CNN Money, it is one of the top 10 fastest growing industries.

Sharing economy entrepreneurship is where Uber and Airbnb came from. Similar rewards await entrepreneurs with great ideas and the passion, work ethic and tireless resolve to make them happen.

Discover your fit at this exciting seminar.

Session 1: Careers that will renew themselves

  • Brave New World: networked economies and the Internet of Things
  • Renewable energy
  • Water and waste management

Panel discussion question:

To what extent do current tertiary offerings satisfy the need for smart, client-resilient skills?

Session 2: Careers with exponential potential

  • Industrial design and manufacturing
  • Mega-project management
  • Tourism and hospitality

Panel discussion question: Is the ability to learn on the job more important than acquiring theoretical knowledge?

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