Chetan Mistry

Chetan Mistry is Xylem South Africa’s Strategy & Marketing Manager, a role that encompasses several key areas within the leading provider of water technology and solutions. He oversees strategy, marketing, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Xylem South Africa, working with different teams within the company as well as its leadership.

His responsibilities around strategy involve Route to Market and Go to Market strategies for the transport, treatment and usage water solutions in mining, as well as residential and commercial buildings, and agriculture and public utilities markets. He supports business development initiatives within Xylem and, additionally, works on creating operational efficiencies. Chetan is also in charge of Xylem South Africa’s partner model and engagement strategy. 

Marketing activities are core to his role: Chetan focuses on business intelligence as well as market penetration. He develops and leads Xylem South Africa’s marketing strategy, and he provides oversight around marketing execution.

Chetan’s third hat relates to CSR activities, particularly through Xylem’s CSR program, Watermark. He brings oversight, support and strategic considerations to Watermark’s South African activities, and leads Xylem South Africa’s global disaster response.