Rembu Magoba

Academic/Career Background:

  • Dr Rembu Magoba has over 17 years of experience in Water Research. He completed his BSc Honours in Biological Science at the University of Venda and later MSc–Ecological Assessment and PhD–Agriculture from Stellenbosch University. He worked as an Aquatic Ecologist for 8 years in private sector before joining Agricultural Research Council as a Research Project leader for 3 years. He then joined the City of Cape Town as Head: Research and Development, responsible for the Scientific research in Water & Sanitation Department for 8 years before joining CSIR as Water Research Centre Manager. He is also passionate about skills development in the Water Sector.

Research Interests include: 

  • Various Water Resource Management
  • Water & Wastewater quality monitoring
  • Environmental flows/ Impact Assessment
  • Aquatic Weeds management (Biological control)