´A world famous Engineer / Scientist who started his career at Eskom – South Africa where he was the Senior Manager for 10 years.

´Completed his PhD at the University of Manchester / UK on the Pebble Bed Technology utilizing nuclear power for the generation of electricity.

´Dr Dudley was the Engineering Director of Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR Pty (Ltd))– South Africa

´Dr Dudley is the only author to have published 3 journal papers in one journal review simultaneous (The Journal of Nuclear Science).

´He is internationally acclaimed in the Who’s Who for technology Innovation 2010.

´Dr Dudley is the holder of 6 degrees in all the relevant Engineering and Scientific fields.

  • ´Registered Professional Engineer(Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA))
  • ´Registered Professional Scientist (South African Council for Natural and Scientific Professions (SACNASP))
  • ´Member of the Institute of Directors South Africa(IODSA)

´He now leads a team of 200 Scientist, Engineers and other persons at Mozweli Nuclear Engineering.

´Dr Dudley is a member of the South African Advisory Committee that advises the Government on nuclear affairs at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Vienna.

A member of the Generation IV International Forum.

He is an ´International Consultant on Nuclear Pebble technology.

He has a dream to “Light up Africa” with electricity in every home. 

Some Trivia about Dr Dudley

Has completed 10 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons (56 km)

Has completed 5 Comrades marathons (89km)

Completed his BSc.Eng. in two years (normal people take 6 years)

Dr Dudley was too advanced for his class and was promoted from Grade 10 to Grade 12.

Dr Dudley was awarded top student at University graduation BSc.Eng. (1995) UCT

Dr Dudley has Studied at

  1. Manchester University / United Kingdom / PhD
  2. University of Cape Town / BSc.Engineering
  3. University of Cape Town / BSc.Hons.Engineering (Heavy Current)
  4. WitwatersrandUniversity / BSc.Hons (Pure Mathematics)
  5. eSwatini University / BSc. (Mathematics and Physics)
  6. Botswana University / BSc. (Mathematics and Physics)
  7. North West University / Nuclear Project Management
  8. Pretoria University / Large Projects Management
  9. Stellenbosch University / Postgraduate High Voltage

Summary – Dr Dudley has been involved with Nuclear Pebble Technology for 26 years – a world leader.