Water and sustainability go hand in hand. Water is an inseparable part of the conversation to create a quality of life that sustains for generations. When we appreciate the journey that water travels to reach our taps, starting at rivers, dams, and aquifers, we can see how everything interconnects, and that sustainability is about getting the fundamentals right.

Hence Xylem’s slogan: Let’s Solve Water. Xylem is the world’s largest pure water technology company, working at every level of the water supply chain. We devote our technology, time and talent to advance the smarter use of water towards a future where global water issues do not exist.

How can Xylem achieve this goal? We pursue and support impact at every level. On the technology front, Xylem is home to some of water’s greatest and most innovative brands, delivering incredible efficiencies and performance gains. We are as bullish about helping maintain and improve existing water infrastructure – not a moot point considering up to 40% of South Africa’s water is often lost through leaks.

We help residential and commercial customers create more efficient and hygienic water systems. We enable industrial sites to manage water better, help agriculture modernise water practices, and support government projects that deliver water to their citizens. We also work with disadvantaged and neglected communities through our NGO partners and our social investment arm, Watermark.

Sustainability guides our efforts. Xylem doesn’t just install better pumps or scour pipelines for leaks. We promote the long-term benefits of sustainable water, using a combination of technology, community collaborations and partners. Sustainability is in our DNA, and Xylem is ranked 10th in the WSJ’s Top 100 Sustainable Companies of 2020.

Water connects everything. Addressing the sustainability of water can help alleviate poverty and build the economy. It can help promote healthy community relationships and responsible commercial activities. For South Africa, a semi-arid country with irregularly dispersed rainfalls, our attitude towards water will determine our chances to create a sustainable future.