Catherine Wijnberg

Cape Town-based Catherine Wijnberg is a successful entrepreneur with experience in starting, growing and operating businesses in five different sectors across three countries. She was born in Ndola, Zambia to an entrepreneurial father.

Catherine founded Fetola in 2006 with a vision to contribute to the transformation of the South African economy by growing the small business sector. For it is here that jobs are created, success is cultivated, and women, youth, and rural communities can create self-empowered futures.

Catherine is the CEO of the group of companies and employs 30 staff and another 50 consultants across the country. Fetola specialise in scaling the success of small businesses countrywide and in every sector.

“We do this as a service to our corporate clients, for whom we provide added-value in the form of reputation and brand-building opportunities – using our in-house media team, sponsorship and advertising solutions. Businesses that lie outside the main metropoles and which are run by youth, women and persons with disabilities, are a particular focus,”” said Catherine.