David Ewusi-Mensah

David Ewusi-Mensah is an Environmental Engineer with excellent skills in R&D, wastewater treatment and Environmental sustainability demonstrated in the history of working in the Environmental consulting and services industries. He is a Co-Founder of Eco Amet Solutions in Ghana, where he is leading to help solve and eliminate wastewater treatment challenges and solid waste management problems within the region. In addition, he consults in ecological constructed wetland lands with his several years of experience working with renowned experts in Spain and China. David is passionate about Environmental education. He hosts and produces the Green Living Chats podcast, where he creates a platform to discuss emerging environmental issues worldwide. 

David has made numerous significant contributions to scientific research and is currently a final year PhD researcher in Environmental Engineering. His research focuses on using sustainable Microbial Electrochemical Technologies and microalgae in Wastewater treatment, microbial technology and sustainable bioenergy production.