Vishaal Lutchman

Vishaal is a leader in the provision of infrastructure with future fit engineering skills and business acumen. Prior to joining SAICE National Office, Vishaal was Divisional Director in Development, Transportation, and Infrastructure at WSP Group Africa. 

He graduated from the University of Natal with a BSc in Engineering and registered professionally with ECSA in 2002. He pursued an MBA through the University of KwaZulu-Natal and obtained his Masters in Philosophy Leadership from the University of Johannesburg. 

Vishaal began his career as senior engineer in Capital Projects at the Transnet National Ports Authority and maintained executive roles in subsequent companies, namely SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants, Royal Haskoning DHV and WSP Group Africa. 

His experience encompasses project management, strategy and risk. As a result, he has been actively involved in guiding boards, industry players and key clients in the development of infrastructure.