Bennie van Zyl

Bennie van Zyl does nothing in half measures. As a cattle and game farmer in the Thabazimbi district of North West, he took on leading roles in the community and local agricultural field. In 2001 he applied for the vacant post of General Manager of TLU SA and, today he is still as enthusiastic in representing the values of the oldest agricultural union in South Africa, as 20 years ago.

Bennie played an important advisory role on policy to the government of Georgia after gaining their independence from the Soviet Union. This remains one of the highlights of his career. As TLU SA endeavours to keep farmers on their land safe and sustainably, Bennie constantly looks for innovative farming methods for the future. This includes cooperative farming as a model to lessen the risk on a single farmer as well as protecting the natural resources by pooling them in a group of farmers.