Sustainable Development – The Future is Now!

The 12th annual Sustainability Summit is brought to you as a live virtual event, thus offering both exponential global reach and accessibility by easily bringing the content directly to the audience.As devastating as the impact of COVID-19 has been, in many ways it’s also proved to be a revelation. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the pandemic is tightly bound up with environmental issues – climate change, biodiversity loss, air, water and soil pollution, gender inequality, among others. As a result, governments, corporates, and citizens worldwide are looking for ways to work together to achieve a sustainable economic recovery. The world is collectively embracing the idea of a green recovery as a means to achieve sustainable, resilient, inclusive economic growth. Imagine a world of zero-carbon growth – where industry is water wise and energy efficient, where infrastructure is smart and inclusive, where waste is converted into lucrative revenue streams. Imagine an economy that takes care of business needs while securing the rights of future generations and offering women and youth the space they deserve. With the effects of climate change biting down like never before, wide spread environmental and human health challenges at the municipal scale, and the desperate need for employment and economic development—one key cross-cutting policy strategy has never been so obvious and so potentially powerful.

Sustainability Summit Virtual  Expo

The seminars are complemented by a permanent virtual Expo with a full range of sustainability stakeholders, from local entrepreneurs to international corporations, finance institutions and development agencies, to showcase their services and network.

Who Should Tune In

Project managers, Academics, Researchers, Relevant Industry Professionals, Administrators, Educational Leaders, Policy Makers, Industry Representatives, Advanced Students, and anyone in the domain of interest from around the world, to discuss. Key stakeholders in the Green Business Private Sector. All business leaders who are serious about aligning their business strategy with environmentally sustainable principles. Government officials in the key sector of Sustainable Green Environment.