Fibre Circle

Fibre Circle is the producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for the paper and paper packaging sector. It facilitates extended producer responsibility (EPR) programmes for paper producers, which could encompass manufacturers and importers of paper and paper packaging as well as brand owners and retailers.

In collaboration with its members, Fibre Circle will establish and manage the EPR schemes for the following identified paper products: newspapers; magazines; office, graphic, mixed and other papers; corrugated cases and kraft paper; liquid board packaging; labels and paper sacks.


Fibre Circle aims to improve the recovery and recycling of paper and paper packaging and to develop products from recycled paper fibre that are commercially viable in their own right.It seeks to encourage the packaging value chain – producers, importers, brand owners and retailers – to get their packaging products off the streets and away from landfills.

Fibre Circle is also driven to develop, implement and manage the paper, paper packaging, paper sack, liquid board packaging, paper cups and label industries’ national EPR scheme, in accordance with Section 18 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act No. 59 of 2008.

  • Driving recovery and recycling programmes that effectively and sustainably divert paper and paper-based products from South African landfills and grow the paper recovery rate.
  • Raising and administering funds to implement a national EPR programme for the paper, paper packaging, paper sack, liquid board packaging, paper cups and label industries, in accordance with Section 18 of the Waste Act.
  • Ensuring the environmental and economic sustainability of the greater value chain.
  • Playing an advocacy role on behalf of its members and the greater sector and liaising with the relevant Government departments.
  • Guiding committed and contributing members with
    • Practical solutions for containment and recovery of paper products.
    • Educational and promotional resources around paper and paper packaging’s credentials, separation-at-source and recycling.
    • Training and skills development.
    • Small and medium enterprise development.
    • Research and development of tailor-made solutions for paper sub-sectors.
  • Developing economical and sustainable recovery and recycling solutions for difficult-to-recover and difficult-to-recycle products.
  • Developing end-market use of recycled paper fibre and other resulting streams (e.g., plastic and foil rejects from liquid board packaging recycling).
  • Deriving and administering research funding for:
    • related recycling and recovery projects,
    • production efficiency improvement projects, and
    • new product development projects and end-use applications that maximise the beneficiation of “the whole tree”.

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