Derived from the isiZulu word indalo, which interprets as environment and encompasses everything around you, literally meaning the fact that everything around us is connected to one another, Indalopreneurship stands for an economic activity that puts the achievement of positive environmental and societal impacts at the very core of its operations. Achieving societal and environmental impacts through economic means is seen just as important as the economic returns itself, which help sustain and grow the business to achieve even more impact for society and the environment.

“At Indalo we are convinced that on the way to an inclusive green economy in South Africa a key pillar is the greening and “going sustainable” of conventional enterprises, but even more so is the promotion, advancement and strengthening of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship that integrates social, environmental and economic impacts around the core value proposition of the enterprise, or how we would call it Indalopreneurship.”

Our Mission

·      Initiating and supporting high-impact, environmentally friendly, and social entrepreneurial innovations

·      Fostering partnerships through dialogue among ecosystem stakeholders

·      Building a strong, robust institution with good governance, an excellent team, and good citizenry

·      Contributing to policy facilitation, co-creation of new policies, and the adaptation of new policies where gaps exist.


Phone Number

012 844 0135 

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