Enviroworks (PTY) Ltd

Enviroworks (PTY) Ltd. (part of the SHE Group) provides dynamic, turnkey solutions in Sustainable Environmental Management since 2002. With a combined expert team-experience of more than 75 years. We have established ourselves as a market leader in the Environmental Industry. Based in South Africa, we also deliver our reputable services in the rest of Africa and abroad.

We are an accredited and professional expert team that ensures peace of mind to our clients, by providing sound, efficient environmental advice, managing their risks and ensuring their projects are executed timeously and seamlessly.

This company has an efficient structure and our commitment to great service has helped us create our excellent reputation within
the environmental industry. We are affiliated with IAIAsa, IAP2, certified SACNASP registered and registered with EAPASA. In the Greenhouse Gas Industry we are Certified by Carbon Protocol of SA as a Carbon Footprint Assessor and in the international arena, we successfully completed GHG Verification (ISO 14064), and is an accredited International GHG Verifier.

Our clients can experience “peace of mind” with excellent Environmental partners. That means we have the solutions for pitfalls and manage and prevent your risks like delayed construction, costly standing time due to environmental non- compliances and incidents, by providing cutting-edge solutions and ensuring your project’s Environmental Compliance.


• Environmental Planning Advice

• Construction Environmental Management Plans

• Environmental Legal Compliance

• Environmental Risk Assessments

• Environmental Impact Assessments

• Project Management, Monitoring and Auditing

• Mining Permits

• Renewable Energy Environmental Services

• Specialist Studies

• Conservation planning and advice

• Rehabilitation

• Carbon (GHG) Quantification, Verification and setting targets for reduction

Our expert team makes use of modern techniques to maintain our vision of a holistic approach to Sustainable Environmental Management. The cornerstone of our success lies in strong personal relationships with government, business associates, our neighbours and other community members built on science, trust and harmony.

We assist our clients balancing the act to Develop and Avoid potential harm to the environment, to ensure our future generations may also have the privilege to inherit and enjoy a Green Planet and the experience of finding oneself in the quietness of nature.


Enviroworks was established in November 2002. Even though the company was only born then, its experts have more than 75 years combined experience. This means that Enviroworks has a strong foundation in professional service and experience in the environmental field. Our highly qualified and experienced team work as one to make this company successful. At the beginning of 2015, Enviroworks became a part of the well-known SHE group.

The SHE Group commenced operation in 2008 when a few expert directors came together to create a well-structured organisation, with more than 50 years of experience between them. They are an accredited and professional health, safety and environmental business operating throughout South Africa as well as in other countries on the African continent, and a corporate member of SAIOH, SAIOSH & MBA.

At Enviroworks, we strive to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that we deliver only the best services to our clients. We have already gathered a notable reputation, having been awarded the 2012 Service Sector Award at the African SMME Awards, which was hosted by the Africa Growth Institute, as well as the 2012 Overall Winner for the Free State Province of the SEDA Small Business Start, which was hosted by the Small Enterprise Development Agency and the 2022 Environmental Management Consultants of the year award.

Humanity’s activities have had an enormous impact on the global environment, and at Enviroworks, we believe that sound environmental management is the key to creating sustainability and harmony between everything that calls the Earth home. In the industry and trade business, the responsibility to manage and minimize companies’ impacts on the environment is an incredibly important one. International agreements, consumer activism, and new laws have emphasized this responsibility.

Our own National legislation places the “duty of care” responsibility in terms of the environment on every person. This means businesses should pro-actively manage their environmental risk. Enviroworks has committed itself to providing cutting-edge, innovative and excellent environmental management solutions and services to our clients, backed by a professional, brilliant team of environmental scientists ad project managers.


With more than four decades of experience in the industry, it is no surprise that our clients trust Enviroworks with a range of services tailored specifically to the needs of their businesses. We offer a wide variety of solutions for any company, no matter their size, to manage their risk and impact on the environment. Our services include:


  • Environmental Impact assessments (EIA)
  • Basic Assessments (BA)
  • Section 24G Rectification Applications (S24G)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • Environmental Monitoring and Auditing
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Environmental Management during construction (ECO)
  • Public Participation Processes (PPP)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Studies (ERA)


  • Water Use License applications (WULA)
  • Water Permit Applications
  • Verification of Water Use Rights
  • Ground Water Investigations
  • Water Resource Management
  • Monitoring programs for surface- and groundwater
  • Water Quality Controls
  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring and reporting
  • Discharge permit monitoring
  • Wastewater treatment works monitoring
  • Stormwater Management Plans


  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Carbon Footprints
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessments
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Wetland & Freshwater Impact Assessments
  • Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Geo-Hydrological Assessments


  • Wetland and Watercourse Delineation
  • Alien Invasive Species Management Plans
  • Search & Rescue of Flora And Fauna
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Ecological Rehabilitation Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans


  • Mining Compliance Auditing
  • Mining l Management Plans
  • Water Quality Tests and Advice
  • Mining Permits and Licensing


  • Environmental Awareness
  • Alien Invasive Training
  • Carbon Footprint Training


  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Soil Erosion Risk Assessment
  • Soil Classification


  • Environmental Awareness
  • Alien Invasive Training
  • Carbon Footprint Training

Sustainability Advirsory and Auditing Service

Environmental, Social, and Economic factors= Triple Bottom Line

Enviroworks specialises in Sustainability Core Services:

• Sustainability Reporting

• Sustainability Audits

•Ecological Conservation

•Social Equity & Economic Viability

•Responsible Resource Use

•Renewable energy

•Green infrastructure

Enviroworks is a leading consultingfirm dedicated to pioneering environmental sustainability. Specialising in comprehensive solutions, we offer tailored strategies to help businesses, organizations, and communities navigate the complex landscape of Environmental Sustainability. Our team of consultants combines innovative thinking with deep industry knowledge to provide assessments, implement strategies, and offer ongoing support for achieving sustainable practices and cer From ener reduction and conserva- tion initiatives, we collaborate closely with clients to drive positive environmental impact while fostering long-term environmental sustainability. At Enviroworks, we are committed to empowering our partners to thrive in a greener, more sustainable future.