Agrement SA

1.     Vision

Centre of excellence for non-standardised construction products and systems.

2.     Mission

To enhance ASA’s position as the internationally acknowledged South African centre of excellence for technical assessment, certification, quality assurance and research & development activities to ensure fitness-for-purpose of non-standardised construction related products and systems.

3.     Values

ASA’s values are aligned with the values espoused in the Constitution. The core values that underpin the culture of ASA are:

l  People – Respect people for who they are, their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.

l  Reputation – Upholding ASA’s brand through excellence, integrity and quality.

l  Ingenuity – Inspiring innovative solutions.

l  Diversity – Embracing a dynamic and multi-cultural environment that respects the individual.

l  Enthusiasm – Embracing a positive atmosphere through passion, drive and agility.