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  • uYilo eMobility Programme Kick Start Fund 2021 applications open
  • Funding for eMobility and related projects up to R1 million
  • Closing date for applications 30 June 2021

Electric mobility development funding call for proposals

The 2021 uYilo Kick Start funding call is open for eMobility and related projects to apply – and receive as much as R1 million in grant funding aimed at assisting projects reach commercialization into the market.

uYilo eMobility Programme first provided Kick Start funding to qualifying eMobility and assistive projects in 2014. The fund was created as part of uYilo’s mandate to enable, facilitate and mobilise eMobility in South Africa.

“The switch to electric mobility is changing the transport landscape globally,” says uYilo Director, Hiten Parmar. “A critical part of this transition for South Africa is to have localised content, promote local industry and encourage local job creation. This is both to reduce the reliance on imported technology and products, and to extract the maximum benefit from the minerals and other resources that are abundant in Africa.”

“Creating employment opportunities is a crucial part of improving the economy – and jobs in future growth sectors with emerging technology are highly desirable,” says Parmar. “The aim for all Kick Startfunded projects is to facilitate the development to commercially-viable products, with associated job creation.”

All projects in the eMobilityecosystem and value-chain are welcome to apply, each will be evaluated according to specific criteria and then managed throughout the development process to reach a set of milestones in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Applications must be received by midday 30 June 2021 in order to be considered for funding, at which point each will be evaluated for shortlisting to pitching sessions before final contracting for funding.

Previous approved projects include EV charge points, EV back-office solution, battery packsand EV system componentsamongst others.

“Golden Arrow Bus Service in Cape Town is currently piloting an electric bus which will soon be open to public use,” says Parmar. “This project was one of the most recent to receive uYilo Kick Start funding and started as a detailed public transport feasibility study which has now progressed to this pilot phase.”

“With the global push to electric mobility there is a limited lifespan to the internal combustion engine – and this will have an impact locally. There is perhaps a decade left internationally for ICE and South Africa has only that long to ensure our local eMobility sector is market ready,” says Parmar. “The Kick Start fund is one of the instruments which drives the local development of this sector.”

Application forms and other relevant documentation is available on the uYilo website, at All applications must be submitted by midday on 30 June 2021.

Previous approved Kick Start projects:

Golden Arrow Bus Services          

Detailed feasibility study and pilot project with electric bus operations to guide public transportation

Lattech Systems                              

Development of an electric vehicle-focused telematics unit that is CAN-BUS connected and over-the-air manageable

Manganese Metal Company           

Economically feasible process route determination for the production of high purity manganese sulphate

Battery Power Industries                

Design and development of 18650 cell-based battery module for use in battery-powered mining vehicles

EVBackOffice (QBSoft)                 

Electric vehicle charge point back-office for remote management, reporting, monitoring and diagnostics of electric vehicle charge points


Battery-powered off-road electric trailer daisy-chained to an off-road electric quad vehicle utilised for rural agricultural environments

Intelligent Machines                       

Induction motors and controllers for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems in heavy vehicles


Development of a locally designed and manufactured 50kW DC Fast Charger compatible with CHAdeMO and CS-2 standards


Two motor variant drive system on a 4×4 electric vehicle with integrated with range extender and solar charger

Stellenbosch University and MellowCabs                    

Battery Management System, Charger, Drive System

MLT Inverters                                   

Karoo70 hybrid inverter for second life EV batteryapplications


Development of core EV management system, unit, cloud


Development of a synchronous reluctance motor and power electronics controller drive system for utility electric vehicles        


AC Charge Point and Server

University of Western Cape           

Development of a prototype electric vehicle lithium-ion battery pack with cell integration and battery management.



Hiten Parmar

Director: uYilo e-Mobility Programme

+27 (0)10 005 5346

uYilo Electric Mobility Programme

The national uYilo Electric Mobility Programme was established in 2013 as a multi-stakeholder, collaborative programme focused on enabling, facilitating and mobilising electric mobility in South Africa. uYilo is an initiative of the Technology Innovation Agency, a public entity of the Department of Science and Innovation. uYilo’s corporate satellite offices are located in Johannesburg and facilities headquartered in Port Elizabeth.

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